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1986.  Antipatris, Israel.
1987 - 1988.  Tel 'Ira, Israel.
1993.  Salvage Excavations.
Excavation of the "mercantile quarter," forum, Roman road, and odeon of this
Biblical city.  
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Finds from Tel ‘Ira extended back to the Bronze Age (that is, the 2nd millennium
BC) and up until the time of the Arab invasions of the 7th century AD.  Finds
included three rare early Islamic glass vessels, a Bronze Age tower that was
later converted into the  kitchen of a Christian monastery, and large Iron Age
grain silos.  
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Excavations at Antipatris.
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Christian basilica at Pardessiya
Ottoman villa at Kohav Yair
1989 - 1994.  Zur Natan, Israel.
Excavations of
A Jewish settlement of the 1st century AD
A Samaritan agricultural-industrial complex, with a synagogue, later
converted into a Christian monastery and church
An underground tunnel system used during the First Jewish Revolt
Glass vessels from Tel 'Ira.
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Mosaic pavement of the
synagogue - church at Zur Natan.  
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