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Walls of the Ottoman Turkish fortress
on the summit of Tel Aphek - Antipatris
Restored amphorae and cooking
vessels from the Mercantile Quarter
Section of 2nd century AD Roman road
TFAHR Photo Album - Tel Aphek - Antipatris, Israel.                                              
Remains of tabernae (shops) in the
Mercantile Quarter of Antipatris,
Hellenistic through Byzantine eras
Hellenistic through Byzantine strata in
the Mercantile Quarter
Uncovering cooking vessels in a
terracotta oven of a shop in the
Mercantile Quarter
Paving stones of Forum (2nd century AD),
and the foundations of a later building
(Byzantine era) cut into the Forum
Clearing the orchestra of a late Roman odeon
Arches of the substructure of the stage
of the odeon
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