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For the 2011 season at Bylazora (Sveti Nikole), TFAHR again conducted an International
Field School, sponsoring 32 participants from 9 countries:  USA (Texas, California,
Florida, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Washington DC),
Australia, China, England, France, Poland, Scotland, Serbia and Spain.  Participants paid
their own way to the site and TFAHR undertook the cost of their room, board, tools, and

Team members contributed to all facets of the excavation program, including:  excavation
work in the field; documentation of excavations; and processing of finds and pottery
(washing, drawing, documenting, restoration).  Several team members also made evening
presentations on such topics as the history of Macedonia, the Phrygians, and
excavations in China, Poland and the UK.

To work alongside the volunteers of the International Field School and our colleagues
from the People's Museum of Sveti Nikole, TFAHR employed workmen from Sveti Nikole
and Knezje.  We were also joined by volunteers from the US Peace Corps who gave up
vacation and free days to excavate with us at Bylazora, and volunteers from Sveti Nikole.

Below you will find additional photos illustrating the activities of the TFAHR International
Field School at Bylazora in the summer 2011 season.
Click the links below for more
photos from the 2011 excavation
season at Bylazora:

2011 Finds from Bylazora

2011 Summary Report
The photos on this page illustrate the activities
of the TFAHR International Field School at
Bylazora (Sveti Nikole) in the summer 2011
season.  For additional photos, click on the
links below:

2011 Finds from Bylazora

2011 Summary Report
The TFAHR International Field School
A volunteer presented a workshop on drawing pottery profiles, and Field School members
produced drawings of all important finds.
Washing a Doric capital.
TFAHR Photo Album - 2011 Excavations at Bylazora (Sveti Nikole), Republic of Macedonia.
Click on photo to enlarge.
Documentation of the Site and Finds
In the Field
All ground plans and stratigraphical sections were drawn by TFAHR International Field School
volunteers, who were trained by experienced members of the team.
Left, writing up fieldwork
Field Trips
Field School volunteers had the opportunity to work with
the Bylazora artifacts from the 2008-2010 seasons in
the People's Museum of Sveti Nikole.  A volunteer
experienced in collections management shared basic
principles of working with museum collections, and led
efforts to organize and register the artifacts.  Members
of the Field School team spent many hours in the
Museum to assist with this project.
TFAHR provided transportation for three weekend trips to:
  • Skopje, the capital of Macedonia
  • Ohrid, with its medieval churches and Citadel
  • the Roman site of Stobi
Partnering with the People's Museum of Sveti Nikole
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