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TFAHR Photo Album - 2009 Excavations at Bylazora (Sveti Nikole), Republic of Macedonia.
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2009 TFAHR International Field School

2009 Finds from Bylazora

2009 Summary Report
Clearing the pebble
pavement south of the
Press briefing on 17 July, attended by representatives of
various foreign embassies, the Macedonian archaeological
community, and Sveti Nikole community leaders.
Our first objective in the 2009 season was to determine what lay over the threshold on the
ramp, to the south.  What we discovered is that the ramp appears to be part of a propylon
(monumental gate complex), leading to a pebbled roadway which leads south, further up
the acropolis hill.
Excavating a wattle and daub wall built on
top of the remains of the ramp-propylon.  
This wall was later removed to reveal the
propylon and pavement below.
Photo of the Bylazora acropolis
excavations, taken at dawn on the last
day of the season, 23 July 2009.
Excavations South of the Ramp and Threshold
Excavations East of the Ramp
Excavations North of the Ramp
Revisiting 2008 Trenches
A tiny glass bead was
found stamped into the
As we enlarged the area for digging east of the ramp, a corner of a large
building emerged.  This well-preserved structure we found to have
undergone several construction phases; it was built atop the oldest
building we have found at Bylazora to date.  In the southeast corner of
the building, a terracotta wine press was installed by the people of the
Second Squatter Period (6th period).
The lowest walls excavated belong to the 1st
period. The later building above (2nd period)
had walls preserved up to a height of about 1.5
In the 2nd Squatter Period a
terracotta wine press (A) was built
into what remained of this building.
The narrow space between two well-built walls
was excavated to reveal a paved alley way.
At the end of the 2008 season, we noticed a small flanking tower at the bottom of the ramp.  This season we decided to clarify the manner
in which the ramp, this flanking tower (Second Tower), and a part of the acropolis wall joined one another.  We discovered the remains of
an early tower (First Tower) at that intersection.

We excavated to the east, also at the bottom of the ramp, hoping to find what might remain of another flanking tower.  In the corner of the
trench we found the smashed remnants of a small altar.  Such an altar at the entrance to the acropolis would have been typical for an
ancient city; it would also explain the great quantity of ash and animal bones found in the surrounding area.
Remains of a small altar.
Excavating around the Second Tower.
The Second Tower and the remains
of the First Tower of the acropolis wall.
Beneath a pithos found in 2008 we
dug deeper and discovered an
earlier destruction level.
Beneath the buttress walls of the acropolis defensive wall, we uncovered a large thick
terracotta surface.  At first we thought this might be another wine press, but its irregular
shape suggests that it might be something else, perhaps a threshing floor.
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