Pergamon:  A Guided Tour
15 minutes
The Texas Foundation for Archaeological & Historical Research
Related programs on DVD
and CD by Dr. William J.
Neidinger are offered by
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Lectures on DVD include all the  
image from Dr. Neidinger's
classroom presentations (over
200 images in each lecture), and
audio voice-over.  CDs are audio
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TFAHR Photo Archive Project - Historic Images Videos.
Click on photo to play video.
Using the resources of the Photo Archive, TFAHR is preparing short
video presentations on various historically and archaeologically
important sites.  These videos (images only, no audio) present a
multifaceted tour to engage teachers, students, and travelers.  These
videos may be viewed and distributed freely for personal or classroom,
non-commercial, use.

Videos can be viewed using Microsoft Windows Media Player.  To
download the video, click on the photo or the title.

If you do not have Windows Media Player, it is available free at Windows Media
Player (or here for Mac users).  
History of Paris

Decline & Fall of the
Roman Empire

Golden Ephesus
The Archaeological Sites
of Turkey
Ancient Ephesus
15 minutes
Rome in Depth
The Roman Forum
A Walking Tour
15 minutes
Hagia Sophia
15 minutes
Hagia Sophia
A Walk Through Delphi
15 minutes
Greek and Roman Art
and Archaeology
The Mosaics of the Antioch
Archaeological Museum
15 minutes
Oil Lamps
15 minutes
The Walls of
15 minutes
Mycenaean Greece
(PDF format - 21MB)
Ancient Glass
15 minutes
Three programs are offered in PDF
format.  They require
Adobe Acrobat Reader
(available free for download).
Romanesque Churches
of the Pyrenees
(PDF format - 25 MB)
Armenian Ani:
City of 1000 Churches
15 minutes
15 minutes
The Rise of Rome
The Suleimaniye
11 minutes
Greek & Roman
Art & Archaeology
(PDF format - 24MB)
Edirne:  Capital City of the
Ottoman Turks
15 minutes
The Hippodrome of
15 minutes
The Church of the Holy
Cross on Akhtamar Island
10 minutes
The Cities of Vesuvius
Part I:  The Mosaics
12 minutes
The Cities of Vesuvius
Part II:  The Frescoes
12 minutes
Baptistry of Florence
11 minutes
Sculptures of
Notre-Dame, Paris
12 minutes
The Basilica of Saint-Denis
13 minutes
The Tabernae of Antipatris
Video and Audio
7 minutes
The TFAHR International Field School Study Collection
TFAHR Locus System
PDF File (15 MB)
Pottery Shapes
PDF File (13 MB)
Working with Pottery
PDF File (18 MB)
The Historic Images Video Series
The Doric Order
MS PowerPoint File (9 MB)
Requires Microsoft PowerPoint
application.  If you do not have
PowerPoint on your computer, you can
install the PowerPoint Viewer, available
here (Windows users).
Ancient Egypt