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Teachers photographing a
potter in Macedonia
Photos of the Nuremberg Chronicle (1493)
contributed by Walter Schroeder
Photos of the Bayeux Tapestry
contributed by Roy Stiegler
TFAHR Photo Archive Project.
In addition to the Foundation’s archaeological excavations, the Foundation has an on-going Photo Archive Project.  The aim of the Photo
Archive Project is to gather together in one place images of famous and historically important cities, archaeological sites, buildings, paintings,
ceramics and statues.  To achieve this aim the Foundation has sponsored historical study and photographic field trips overseas for teachers.  
So far, teachers have been sent to Spain, Turkey, Italy, France, and Greece.

The images the teachers take are used in their own classrooms back in Texas and copies are sent to the Foundation, where they are entered
into a database with appropriate documentation.  At present, the Foundation has a collection of more than 60,900 high resolution images.

A new series of videos, the
Historic Images Series, is currently being developed.  The first of these free videos, for teachers, students and
travelers, are available
Various community supporters of the Foundation have also contributed photos to the Photo Archive Project.  Some images are from
Americans traveling abroad, others are from Americans living overseas, and some come from foreign friends of the Foundation who have
donated photos of sites generally far off the beaten trail.
To complement the collection of photographic images, Foundation members and volunteers are designing ground plans of famous buildings,
maps of important sites, graphs and historical outlines of various historical epochs, architectural elevations, and maps illustrating different
historical events.  All of these are entered into the Foundation database.  So far, about 1,100 maps, plans and diagrams have been produced.
In recent years, the Foundation has also started a Video Clip Project along the same lines as the Photo Archive Project.  The eventual plan for
the Photo Archive and Video Clip Projects is to make these resources available to Texas teachers for their research and teaching.
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General view of
Florence, Italy
Temple of Apollo at
Delphi, Greece
Photos of the Bethlehem Chapel
contributed by David Seikel
Photos of the Roman necropolis near Antioch
contributed by Paul Sirota
Photos of Golem Grad in Lake Prespa
contributed by Silvana Blazevska
Photos of the Coptic monasteries
contributed by David Warden
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