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Pithoi and basins in Rooms A and B
on the Acropolis
TFAHR Photo Album - Vardarski Rid (Gevgelija), Republic of Macedonia.
Cleaning out a pithos in Room B on
the Acropolis; note lead clamps
repairing an ancient break
Remains of a pottery kiln of the
Hellenistic era in the Industrial Quarter
of the city
Plaster floors of the Stoa (Classical
Era), with walls and pits from the
Hellenistic period
Upper Hellenistic walls resting upon
lower Classical walls
Medieval infant grave dug into walls of
the Hellenistic era
Clearing pithoi on the Acropolis
Recovering an amphora from beneath
a 20th century cement foundation
General view of the site
Plan of the Southern Terrace as it
was in 1996
Restoring a vessel
Drawing pottery profiles
Pithos, amphora and other vessels
from the Acropolis
Loom weights
Megarian bowls
Terracotta figurines in situ
Restored terracotta figurines from the
Terracotta head of a goddess found
on the Acropolis
Site Map
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