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TFAHR Photo Album - 2006 Excavations at Gloska Cuka, Republic of Macedonia.
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Reverse of silver coin, Diana (?) in
chariot drawn by stags
Terracotta pyxis leg in
shape of lion's foot
Terracotta head of Demeter (?)
Bronze coin of Augustus, minted in
Thessalonike, 31-27 BC
Inscribed loom weight
Guttus (perfume vessel)
Large vessel with lug handles
Terracotta applique with image
of Athena
Silver coin with helmeted figure
(Roma or Mars?)
Animal bone wrapped in bronze
Bronze spur.
SELECT FINDS FROM GLOSKA CUKA:  Tentative Identifications
Photo Credits:
Branko Gasteovski
Eulah Matthews
Terracotta palette in shape of an
animal's footprint.  Purpose unknown.
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