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TFAHR Photo Album - 2006 Excavations at Gloska Cuka, Republic of Macedonia.
Site Map
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The road to Gloska Cuka
Cutting steps up to the acropolis
Damage done by grave robbers
Setting up the grid
Discovery of walls immediately
beneath topsoil
Clearing an ancient vessel
Walls from the 5th century -
through the 1st century BC
Working on site plan
Working on site plan
Photographing the site
Washing pottery
Pottery identification
Documenting the day's work
Terracotta head of an
unidentified goddess
To view more finds from the
2006 season at Gloska Cuka,

For a full report on the 2006
excavations at Gloska Cuka,
see the TFAHR
September 2007
publication, available here.
A TFAHR team of eight teachers and students, along
with our Macedonian colleagues, worked a five-week
season in June and July 2006 at Gloska Cuka, near
Grciste in the lower Vardar Valley.  The following photos
illustrate the types of work we do, from the digging in
the field through documentation of the site and
processing of the finds.

For photos of some of our finds from the 2006 season,
here.  For the excavation report, see the TFAHR
September 2007 publication, available here.
Plan of excavations at Gloska Cuka
Guttus (perfume vessel)
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